Callerton Parking Terms and Conditions

Before you book, please make sure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions in full.

  1. Services, Prices and Payment
    1. All services, offers, discounts etc are subject to availability.
    2. All prices are quoted in UK Pound Sterling and include VAT. Until booking, prices quoted can be subject to change.
    3. Ownership of the website: Copyright © Callerton Parking 2015. All Rights Reserved. The web site and its content (including all information in text, graphical, video and audio forms, images, icons, software, design, applications and other elements available on or through the website) are the property of Callerton Parking, and are protected by international copyright and other laws. Your use of the website does not transfer to you any ownership or other rights in the website or its content.
    4. Seeking Advice. The Web site is not intended to be a comprehensive or detailed statement concerning the matters addressed; professional or expert advice or recommendations; or an offer or recommendation to reserve parking or any other service. You should seek appropriate, qualified professional advice and recommendations before acting or omitting to act based upon any information provided on or though the Web site.
    5. For customers booking directly with Callerton Parking through or on 08007839675/ 01912714760 payment should be made by cash or cheque, on arrival at the car park.
    6. Cheque payments must be backed by sufficient funds in the associated account. Should a cheque be refused by our bank due to insufficient funds or errors on the cheque, bank charges incurred by us will be passed onto the customer.
    7. Cheques will not be accepted for payment made on return.
  2. Cancellations, Refunds and Alterations
    1. For customers booking directly with Callerton Parking through or on 08007839675/ 01912714760 there will be no cancellation fees, however notification is always appreciated.
    2. For customers booking directly with Callerton Parking through or on 08007839675/ 01912714760 there will be no amendment fees for pre-existing bookings. This does not include charges for extra days parking.
    3. Any customer wishing to curtail the length of stay for a service once that service has commenced will be liable to pay the fee for the whole of the service booked.
    4. Arrival at the car park, before the pre-booked arrival date, will incur costs for additional parking time (charged by the day including the day of your arrival and return. See 2.6).
    5. Departure from the car park, after the pre-booked departure date, will incur costs for additional parking time (charged by the day including the day of your arrival and return. See 2.6).
    6. Extended stays are charged at £5 per car per day. In the event that adequate notice is given (48 hours) extended stays may be arranged at the normal rate (i.e. parking rate at the time that notice is given).
    7. No payment will be made for or towards the use of alternative transport to or from the Airport terminal unless by prior arrangement with Callerton Parking.
    8. No payment will be made for or towards transport to or from Newcastle Central Station, or any other destination, unless by prior arrangement with Callerton Parking.
    9. In the event that a customer is transferred to the airport but must return directly to the car park owing to a missed or cancelled flight, parking charges can be refunded, less a £5 service charge. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to transfer the parking period to a later date, subject to seasonal price differences.
  3. Customer Services
    1. Callerton Parking's contact details can be found on our contact us page. We can be contacted on Freephone 08007839675 or 01912714760 or by email
    2. Any queries relating to the processing of customer bookings or the services provided by us should be addressed to Callerton Parking, Callerton Lane, Woolsington, NE13 8BP. In accordance with our customer services policy:
    3. Complaints should be made as soon as possible and preferably before removing your vehicle from the premises and using the relevant form. Otherwise complaints can be made by calling us on FREEPHONE 08007839675 or 01912714760 and leaving your details of your complaint, your contact details and your invoice number; or by email at, including the details of your complaint, your contact information and your invoice number; or by post to Callerton Parking, Callerton Lane, Woolsington, NE138BP, including the details of your complaint, your contact information and your invoice number.
    4. Callerton Parking will endeavour to respond to all correspondence within five working days.
    5. Telephone calls may be monitored.
  4. Our Price Guarantee, Discounts and Promotion Codes
    1. We will match any like-for-like parking product price for Newcastle International Airport (i.e. a service that is the same as, or comparable in every aspect to, the service we provide).
    2. Proof of the matched price must be provided at time of booking and printed off and retained by the customer as proof at check-in. Acceptable printed proof will detail the product, parking dates and location of the parking product.
    3. We will not accept liability for any disappointment, delays, inconvenience or consequential losses which arise from non-compliance with the aforementioned procedure.
    4. Typographical errors shall not apply.
    5. Gift vouchers are exempt.
    6. All Price Promise transactions are carried out at our discretion and we reserve the right to withdraw this Price Promise at any time.
    7. Details and use of discounts and special offers can be found on our Discounts page at
    8. Promotional codes provided to you, by Callerton Parking, or its partners or affiliates will have the value, exclusions and limitations, as notified to you, at the time you were provided with the Promotional Code, and may be valid for limited periods.
    9. Promotional codes and discount schemes are not necessarily cross-applicable between Callerton Parking and its partners or affiliates.
    10. Callerton Parking reserves the right to change the Promotional Codes and their Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion and to modify, suspend or cancel any Promotional Code or related promotion/ discount at any time.
  5. Before You Park
    1. Satellite navigation systems are often unreliable/ outdated, particularly in the rural areas around Newcastle Airport, so it is preferable to use the directions provided by us on this website or a combination of both.
    2. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our services are timely and efficient, Callerton Parking does not accept any responsibility for delays of its service, caused as a result of circumstances beyond its control, such as traffic congestion, delayed flights, security alerts etc.
  6. Please ensure that you leave enough journey time to reach the airport. Although the transfer time to the airport from Callerton parking is 2-5 minutes exact transfer time depends on traffic, the transfer bus awaiting other passengers, and in busy periods the transfer bus or buses being full.

  7. Train Transfers
    1. Transfers to Newcastle Central Station (or Ferry Ports) are supplied, at the current applicable rates, by Nexus Metro Trains.
    2. We cannot guarantee that the information on our site regarding Nexus Metro is always accurate or current. Please see for information.
    3. Customers should ensure adequate time to reach their destination, according to Metro timetables.
    4. Callerton Parking does not accept any responsibility for delays of the Nexus Metro service or any circumstances where adequate time has not been allocated by the customer to reach their destination using the Nexus Metro service.
  8. Airport Transfers
    1. Our airport transfer bus runs on demand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    2. Customers should be aware that our drivers are only permitted to wait at the airport for a short period of time, therefore it is very important that returning customers call for collection ONLY once they have collected their baggage, cleared customs and are making their way to the collection point. Customers who do not arrive at the pick-up point promptly after calling for collection, may have to wait for the bus to return to the airport.
    3. Customers should take note of where they are dropped off at the airport, as they will be collected from the same point. Callerton Parking drops off and picks up from the Airport's collection point B. Customers who wait anywhere other than collection point B may wait for extended periods, unless by specific prior arrangement with Callerton Parking (for example collection or drop-off arrangements may, in certain circumstances, be made to and from Airport hotels ).
  9. Insurance & Liability
    1. Our insurances cover our legal liabilities.
    2. Callerton Parking does not provide any additional insurance cover whilst your vehicle is parked.

    Callerton Parking cannot be held responsible for:

    1. Matters that are covered by your car, holiday or any other more specific insurance. You must look to that for protection in the first instance.
    2. Damage caused by you (the customer), to your vehicle, any other vehicle or any property, whilst driving or otherwise, on the Callerton Parking premises and events outside our control which you have not arranged insurance cover for, or have insurance excesses for.
    3. Matters outside our control including but not limited to mechanical, structural or electrical failures/ faults, terrorism, catastrophe/ natural disasters, criminal activity.
    4. Acts of nature including but not limited to bird droppings, dust, pollen, leaf debris, dirt and rain on your vehicle. Callerton Parking's location is semi-rural so, should you wish to maintain your car's cleanliness, please supply a cover for your vehicle and/ or request our courtesy service wash when booking or checking-in your vehicle at the reception.
    5. Deterioration, failures, faults, flaws or damage to (including, but not limited to) windscreens, alarms, immobilisers, glass, batteries , structure, tyres, wheels and/ or alloys unless proven to be caused by the negligence of Callerton Parking and/ or its representatives.
    6. Any minor scratches/ dents/ stone-chips/ surface scuffs which may not be possible to identify or pick up on a camera in low-light, floodlit and/ or poor weather conditions or obscured by dirt.
    7. Any deterioration of the vehicle's condition whilst parked with us.
    8. Costs for any repairs which are carried out, for which Callerton Parking have not accepted liability in writing, or without our prior consent, or in noncompliance to our instruction/s.
    9. Any keys, fobs, key rings etc. that are left on the key ring with your vehicle key. We ask that any items/ keys surplus to the required operation of your vehicle are removed and retained by you or stored in your vehicle before handing over the keys to us.
    10. Personal property or valuables left unattended on site, in courtesy vehicles, or in your vehicle. If you wish to leave valuables/ personal property in your vehicle you do so at your own risk and it is advised that any belongings are placed out of view, in glove boxes, under seats or in the boot. We reserve the right to store any devices or valuables, out of sight, in the glove box, under the driver seat or in the boot of your vehicle if they have been left on display.
    11. Changes to radio pre-sets or volume etc. Where possible, please remove and retain or stow your radio. If your radio is left on we may switch it off. Use of a battery booster-pack may reset a radio to factory settings.
    12. Any losses caused by the customer failing to leave enough time for transfers to the airport.
    13. Delays caused by the customer losing their receipt or not having some other proper authority.
    14. Delays caused by incorrect information on the receipt. Please check vehicle details, booking name and return information on the receipt for accuracy before leaving your vehicle with us. Errors should be reported immediately or as soon as practicably possible. If you notice an error at any time in the duration of your booking please email us at or telephone us on 01912714760 to notify us of the error and supply the correct information.
    15. Any claims which are made after a vehicle has left our premises, care and/ or control.
    16. Any damage claims which are made subsequent to tampering. This includes but is not limited to the site of the damage being rubbed, pulled, pushed or altered in any way before being reported to us. We must be able to assess and photograph the damaged area forensically.
    17. Any consequential (indirect) losses.
  10. Your Obligations
    1. By booking as vehicle with Callerton Parking, the customer warrants that he is the owner of the vehicle or has the power to deal with the vehicle as if he were its owner.

    You (The customer and passengers) must:

    1. Ensure you leave the right keys, alarm fobs and any particular instructions to start your vehicle with Callerton Parking.
    2. Where possible, retain a spare key for your vehicle.
    3. Arrive in plenty of time, follow signs/ signals and park where our representatives ask you to, and not cause an unnecessary obstruction.
    4. Not park or stop in the areas demarcated by diagonal yellow lines and reserved for the minibuses. We will not be held liable for any damage, liabilities or consequential losses arising from a failure to comply and may hold you liable for any damage, liabilities or consequential loss we incur, which arise from your failure to comply.
    5. Let us know if you have a disability, special requirements and/ or require special assistance.
    6. Keep control of any minors travelling with you at all times within the Callerton Parking premises, its buildings and vehicles. Do not allow children to disembark your or our vehicles before a responsible adult has disembarked. Please ensure children are safely on board any vehicles within the Callerton Parking premises before the responsible adult boards.
    7. Tell us about any vehicle immobiliser, automatic security feature or modification for a disability which may affect our ability to operate the vehicle.
    8. Check all details on your receipt are correct, in particular booking name, car details and all return information before leaving your vehicle with us. We will not be held responsible for any consequential inconvenience, delays, liabilities or losses which arise through non-compliance. Any errors should be reported immediately or as soon as practicably possible. If you notice an error at any time in the duration of your booking please email us at or telephone us on 01912714760 to notify us of the error and the correct information.
    9. Remove all your personal possessions and valuables from the vehicle.
    10. Hand the vehicle over to us in a roadworthy, safe and legal condition with full insurance. You will be held liable for any fines, liabilities or consequential loss we incur from a failure to do this.
    11. Remove dangerous, illegal or toxic substances from the vehicle before handing it over to Callerton Parking. You will be held liable for any fines, liabilities or consequential loss we incur from a failure to do this.
    12. Follow the minibus driver's instruction and all notices, wherever reasonable to do so, whilst boarding, getting off and sitting in the minibus.
    13. Produce the receipt provided by us at the time of reclaiming the vehicle. Should you lose the receipt, we will require proof of vehicle owner's identity. If you fail to produce the necessary documents, it might delay the process and we will not be responsible for any inconvenience. We reserve the right of refusal to relinquish the vehicle if you cannot prove that you own it.
    14. Pay any parking or service charges due. We reserve the right to refuse to relinquish the vehicle if you do not pay applicable charges.
    15. Collect your vehicle at the pre-arranged date and time of collection as noted on your receipt (see 2.5 and 2.6)
    16. Notify us in advance (24 hours) if you will be returning earlier than scheduled, according to your receipt, to collect your vehicle. We will not be held liable for any consequential inconvenience, delays, liabilities or losses which arise through non-compliance.
    17. Check your vehicle carefully before leaving it with us or taking it away again. We have high power torches in the office, available on request, for customers arriving back through the night to check their vehicles. Claims will not be considered once a vehicle has left our care and control.
    18. For your safety ensure that you check mirrors, seats and other aspects of your vehicle which may have been adjusted by our drivers before you leave our premises.
  11. Our Obligations

    We (Callerton Parking & its employees) will:

    1. Take reasonable care of your vehicle for the period you have booked and paid for, starting from when you give us the keys to your vehicle and ending when we surrender the keys of the vehicle back to you.
    2. Be responsible where we are proven to be at fault.
    3. Consider your vehicle to have been abandoned if you fail to claim your vehicle 28 days after the end of your booked period and fail, within this time-period, to notify us of any amendments to your booking. We may then make legal arrangements for disposal and to cover our costs.
    4. Reserve the right, unless specifically requested otherwise, to store vehicles under our jockey policy insurance in an overflow site within 5 miles of our reception car park should our capacity be oversubscribed. Overflow parking uses Callerton Parking's effective, efficient and discrete security system including the use of cutting edge technology, perimeter fencing, guard dog-and-handler patrols etc.
    5. Reserve the right to use a battery booster-pack on cars with flat batteries. This may affect immobilizers, radios and electrical devices. Please notify us if your vehicle has any special requirements for use of a battery booster-pack before leaving your vehicle in our care.
    6. In the unlikely event that your vehicle may require repair, repairs shall be arranged by Callerton Parking and carried out only by our professional, insurance recommended repairers / engineers. We will not accept liability for temporary replacement vehicles, travel expenses or any other costs/ indirect losses which may arise during the period of repair.
    7. In any event, any agreement by Callerton Parking to cover costs of any kind must be in writing and by explicit agreement of the company owner. In such cases payment will be made only against a company headed invoice, made out to Callerton Parking, Callerton Lane, Woolsington, NE138BP.
  12. Callerton Parking may, in its discretion, change, supplement or amend these Terms and Conditions as they relate to your future use of the website from time to time, for any reason, and without any prior notice or liability to you or any other person, by posting the modified Terms and Conditions on the website. You may not change, supplement, or amend these Terms and Conditions in any manner. Each time you use the website, you acknowledge and signify that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as they then read. If any provision of these terms is found by any court to be wholly or partly invalid or unenforceable, unfair or unreasonable then it shall be deemed severable from the remaining provisions which will continue in full force and effect.
  13. The Website may be accessed and used only by individuals who are able to enter into legally binding and enforceable contracts. Users of the Website must comply with all applicable laws. Persons in jurisdictions may not use the Website where access to or use of the Website or any part of it may be illegal or prohibited.
  14. These terms are governed by the laws of the England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courtss
  15. None of the foregoing affects your statutory rights.